National Medical Image Exchange

National Medical
Image Exchange

The medical information exchange system is a national information integrated management system developed for systematic management and utilization by digitizing all medical information of patients, and is currently used in approximately 2,300 hospitals and clinic all over the country.
We will provide continuous treatment services by using the medical information exchange system, and bring about the effects of strengthening patient safety, resolving discomfort, and reducing medical expenses.
Participating in the medical information exchange system development project with the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Social Security Information Service, IRM developed the medical image standard linkage module and reading opinion exchange function.

BEST Image

Being a cloud-based multi-center research platform, BEST Image is a system that enables more systematic medical image evaluation because multiple forms can be assigned to many studies in multiple dimensions.
The result data accumulated through BEST Image can be easily converted and used as a variety of research data (base data for artificial intelligence research, etc.).
Since 2015, BEST Image has been used for the disease research in various fields such as cervical cancer, fundus disease at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital.

use cases

Quality evaluation for standardization of performance
of medical imaging equipment
AI research based on medical image
Being used for Seoul National University Bundang Hospital since 2015

BEST Image & SNUPI Package

Using the BEST Image Service

With BEST Image & SNUPI, you can effectively integrate, manage and utilize medical images and clinical information.

Key features

Multi-center Medical Image Reading

Provides a structured image evaluation environment by combining
the eCRF used in clinical trials and the viewer used in PACS

A cloud-based database that can collect data from all participating
institutions into a single research unit

Manage research data and read images on the web browser

Systematic Research Data Management

De-identify medical images based on the Personal
Information Protection Act

Classify medical images according to the user's needs

Manage medical images, clinical data, and image reading
results on a research case basis

Convert and extract accumulated result data into various
research data formats

Separated User Permissions

Provides an efficient research environment by granting separate user
permissions in the service based on the roles of the research participants

Enables the principal investigator to set up a platform environment
optimized for the research design and monitor research progress

Provides the Reviewer with an environment for reading medical images
and preparing reading results

Optimized Research Design

Offer customization for user intentions in various
imaging research

Design a customized data workflow for the efficient
research environment



· Build more than 100,000 datasets

· Classify and manage medical images owned by large hospitals in Korea on a disease basis

· Automatic integration with the AI server for some datasets and AI result data management


w-Teresa is a web-based medical data platform service that allows you to easily manage medical data. It can be used in various user environments (eg, PC, mobile, etc.) without additional installation.
w-Teresa provides functions such as DICOM viewer, Form Manager, etc., allowing users to check medical images and generate new reports anytime, anywhere.
w-Teresa provides convenient medical data sharing and management services between connected medical institutions (e.g base hospitals and local public health centers / public health centers) in conjunction with m-Teresa.


m-Teresa is an Android-based mobile application service developed for sustainable patient medical data management for medical institutions in areas with low medical access or less medical infrastructure.
m-Teresa can record basic patient information and medical history using the Mobile Health Kit composed of portable medical devices, and use this for remote reading and remote cooperative treatment by sharing it with a higher-level medical institution in conjunction with w-Teresa.
Currently, m-Teresa is supplied to health centers and medical institutions in various countries (Laos, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.) for pilot operation.

use cases

Pilot in Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam,
Bangladesh, Laos Clinic


Vericare is a veterinary video remote reading service developed to help video reading in small and medium-sized animal hospitals in Korea.
Vericare provides a more precise remote reading service through a group of experts composed of faculty members from Veterinary College of Seoul National University, Chungnam National University, and Chonbuk National University.
Since Vericare provides cloud-based services, you can simply request medical imaging cooperative treatment and reading on the web and receive a result report within a day.