Sandwich is an on-premise medical data management server software that can be applied to a variety of hardware (mini PC ~ large server, etc.) according to the user's operating environment.
Sandwich can integrate and manage various medical data (DICOM, Non-DICOM document, Value data, etc.) generated from medical devices and medical systems, as well as all health-related data generated through IT equipment such as IoT / Wearable devices.
Sandwich provides remote reading, remote collaborative treatment, remote backup, etc. in connection with the Health Engine, and works in conjunction with i-Rapha View to help users view medical images anywhere.


use cases

Used for tele-radiology in Kazakhstan and Vietnam


Snupi is a program that performs various operations (search, inquiry, de-identification, separation) and transmission functions for DICOM files to use medical data for various purposes.
Snupi can set de-identification according to the guide provided by the DICOM standard, and also includes the function to DICOMize or search MWL of non-DICOM files (JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG, etc.).


Diolog is a data gateway that supports interlocking between DICOM equipment / systems and artificial intelligence systems.
Diolog can convert DICOM files to file formats that can be applied to AI systems (DICOM, DICOM PDF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, Matlab, Structured Report (SR), JSON, XML), or re-convert various data generated by AI systems to DICOM file formats (DICOM Image, DICOM PDF, SR, etc.).
Providing conversion options that can be adjusted according to the user's purpose, Diolog is used as a role to assist various artificial intelligence studies using medical image data.

use cases

AI Training, Advanced AI Integration workflow


Dicopi is a smart DICOM copy program that transfers DICOM files between different servers.
Dicopi can search and compare the source server and target server, and copy the DICOM instance of the source server according to the user's purpose.


Diroxy is a program that receives DICOM files and retransmits them after changing the language setting (Specific Character Set).
Diroxy can solve the phenomenon that the language is broken when receiving DICOM files from medical equipment or PACS that does not support standard language codes.


Podoju is a DICOM PDF conversion gateway for PACS that does not support DICOM PDF files.
Podoju converts DICOM PDF files of ophthalmic imaging equipment such as fundus imaging equipment or OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) to DICOM Image files.
When converting DICOM PDF, Podoju can set the resolution of the converted image to 3 steps and also set whether to compress the image, increasing the user’s work efficiency.

use cases

DICOM PDF to DICOM Image Convertor

DTK / BEST Tools

DTK is a DICOM library developed by adding the functions of SWF (Video Medicine and Workflow) through
IHE Profile Support, ARI (Search and view medical images), CPI (Output and print images) and PDI (Save medical
image CD / DVD) to DCMIK, which is an open source DICOM library.
DTK supports multiple platforms (Linux, Windows, Mac OS) and provides multilingual services to consider
various user working environments.
BEST Tools, which is implemented through DTK, is a reference console execution software for medical imaging
equipment. It supports the function to test compliance with international standards when manufacturing medical
equipment, and also provides open source for this.