2022.5.11 ~13 BIO KOREA 의료영상 & e-CRF 연구 플랫폼 BEST Image 전시



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[IRM Exhibition]

의료영상과 e-CRF를 향한 뜨거운 관심 덕분에 BIO KOREA 2022에서 의료영상 연구 플랫폼 BEST Image 전시를 성공적으로 마무리했습니다.

빅데이터 및 AI 시대를 맞이하게 되면서 영상관리에 어려움이 있는 다양한 국내 CRO 업체와 보건 관련 기관의 의견을 경청하고 소통한 뜻깊은 자리였습니다.

영상평가&e-CRF 플랫폼을 아래 링크를 클릭하여 살펴보고, 여러분의 업무 효율을 개선시킬 기회를 찾아보세요.

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[IRM Exhibition]

Thanks to the enthusiastic interest in medical imaging and e-CRF, the exhibition of the medical imaging research platform BEST Image was successfully completed at BIO KOREA 2022.

As we enter the era of big data and artificial intelligence, many CRO companies and healthcare organizations are experiencing difficulties in video management. It was a meaningful opportunity to listen to your views and exchange opinions directly.

Click the link below to view the video evaluation & e-CRF platform, and find opportunities to improve your work efficiency.

If you are facing the problems below, consider using BEST Image to improve your work efficiency.

- Those who have concerns about how to manage images (patient/AI analysis/animals, etc.) and related data

- Those who experience inconvenience in sharing data when collaborating with other companies

- Those who want to use e-CRF easily

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