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BEST Image

Under contract with Seoul University Hospital (Bundang), IRM has developed Best Images platform to assist Korea’s high-end quality medical healthcare personnel. BEST Images is a medical platform assessment service that organizes patient’s medical information inside Seoul University Hospital. BEST Images has the strong capability of being compatible with large varieties of medical imaging modalities from any types or any brands of medical imaging equipment in high medical image quality. BEST Images was programed with IRM Health Engine that strictly conforms with healthcare standards of DICOM, IHE, and HL7 protocols to allow a professional storage, exchange and referral with in the institution. BEST Image manage assessment service prospects medical images through IRM’s very own i-Rapha viewer for enhanced view and report capability.


In collaboration with veterinary departments in three major universities of Korea such as Seoul National University, Chungbuk National University, Chonnam National University, IRM has created a tele-radiology platform for medium to small Veterinary clinics around Korea. To enhance the quality procedure for veterinary radiology interpretation, Vericare Service connected the veterinary clinic to the mentioned university’s veterinary radiology interpreters. With the Vericare Service, numerous veterinary medium to small clinics has the professional platform to transfer various types of modality of DICOM Images, and receive medically accurate report from university level interpreters. Vericare’s platform has great performances under IRM’s Health Engine, which conforms strict guidelines of DICOM, IHE, HL7 Vericare has built in i-Rapha Viewer for greater performances.