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Key Features

- Fully functional Web PACS Server with “Zero Foot Print” DICOM Viewer

Works as a Web PACS Server with fully functional ZeroFoot Print DICOM Viewer.
Not only display 2D images but also stream DICOM MPEG4 videos.

- Connected Health with IRM Health Engine

Content-neutral data management allows you to manage any types of documents, including images, videos, voices, signals, reports, and general documents.
IRM Sandwich can easily build Connected Health services in conjunction with the IRM Health Engine (Connected Health Platform) and m-Teresa (Mobile Health Communicator).

- Security

Zero Foot Print function does not leave any traces on your PC.
Supports TLS, SSL, etc. for safe medical data transfer.
Single Sign On implementation is possible by OAuth2 based user authentication
according to IHE IUA profile support.

Use Cases

Standalone Web PACS (DICOM and HL7) Server

Standalone Web PACS

Cache/Gateway for Cloud PACS & Tele-radiology

Cloud PACS & Teleradiology

Network Compatibility and Expandability

- Health Information Exchange Ready

With the support of IHE XDS.b profile, Sandwich can be used as a Document
Repository in Health Information Exchange environment.
It supports Imaging Document Repository of IHE XDS-I.b profile and can be used as
image source for medical image exchange.

- Simple and Standard Interface

Various IHE profile support enables Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) role.
IHE-based SPS-PPS management provides full support for medical imaging workflows.
It is developed on the web and it is easy to interface with other systems such as EMR.
Various RESTful APIs are provided for extended services connected with external systems.

- Light and Scalable

Based on open source software like Linux, no commercial software like Windows or Oracle is required.
Being completely web-based, no EXE or ActiveX software is to be installed.
It is completely web-based and requires no installation of Viewer such as EXE or ActiveX.
Small hardware such as Raspberry Pi and Mini PC to server-class hardwares as well
as virtualization and cloud environments are all supported.

Distributed Medical Data Server with IRM Connected Health Environment

Cloud PACS & Teleradiology

- Security

Zero Foot Print function does not leave any traces on your PC.
Supports TLS, SSL, etc. for safe medical data transfer.
Single Sign On implementation is possible by OAuth2 based user authentication
according to IHE IUA profile support.

2.4 XDS.b Document Repository for Health Information Exchange

2.5 XDS-I.b Imaging Document Source for Medical Image Exchange


Summary Fully supports IHE SWF Integration Profile
Acts as one of the following

Standalone Web PACS (DICOM/HL7) Server
Cache/Gateway Server for Cloud PACS
Distributed Medical Data Server for IRM Connected Health Solutions
Cross-Enterprise Document Repository
Cross-Enterprise Imaging Document Source

Hardware PC (x86, x64) – minimum 4 GB memory
Operating System Linux: Ubuntu, Debian, etc.
Database Management PostgreSQL Object-Relational Database
Storage Management Configurable storage management

Permanent Storage: no document expiration
Temporary Storage: document expiration with high and low thresholds

Document Management Content-Neutral document management: supports all document types

Images: DICOM Image, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, etc.
Videos: DICOM Multi-frame and Video, AVI, MPG, MP4, etc.
Waveforms: DICOM Waveform, MP3, OGG, WAV, etc.
Reports: DICOM SR, XML, TEXT, etc.
General Documents: DOC, PPT, XLS, etc.
And, all others

DICOM Objects Management Store DICOM Composite Objects
DICOM objects synchronization with Cloud Server
SPS-PPS Management IHE-based SPS-PPS relationship management

HL7 V2 ORM/OMI Order Workflow support
DICOM Modality Worklist management
DICOM Modality Performed Procedure Step management

Patient Management Create/update/merge patient with HL7 V2 ADT messages
Patient information synchronization with Cloud Server using HL7 V2 ADT messages
IHE Actors and Profiles Supported Image Manager @ SWF / SWF.b / CPI / ARI / ED / KIN / IOCM
MPPS Manager @ SWF / SWF.b
Document Repository @ XDS.b
Imaging Document Source @ XDS-I.b
DICOM Services Supported Storage SCP
Query/Retrieve SCP: Patient-Root, Study-Root / C-FIND, C-GET, C-MOVE
Modality Worklist SCP
Modality Performed Procedure Step SCP
Storage Commitment SCP
HL7 Services Supported HL7 V2 ADT

A01, A04, A05: Create Patient
A08: Update Patient
A40: Merge Patient


O01/O23: Schedule Order

XDS.b Services Document Repository

Provide and Register Document Set
Retrieve Document Set

XDS-I.b Services Imaging Document Source

Provide and Register Imaging Document Set
Retrieve Imaging Document Set
WADO Retrieve

Security Management DICOM TLS
External Interface RESTful APIs provided for site-specific data services
User Interface i-Rapha Viewer: Zero Foot Print DICOM Viewer based on HTML5 Web Browser Main Menu : Worklist / Report / Copy / Layout / Mode / Select / W/L / Zoom / Pan / Fit / Length / Angle / Transform / DICOM Info / Save / Settings Measurements : Poly Line / Free Line / Rectangle / Ellipse / Cobb’s Angle / CT Ratio(Cardio Thoracic Ratio) / Angle(3 Points) / Pixel Value(HU) / Magnifying / Cross Link / Inter Study Cross Link Annotations : Line / Free Line / Arrow Line / Text / Rectangle / Ellipse Management : Reset / Undo / Refresh
Image Management and Display
Patient Management
Station Management
Transcoding Rule Management
Server Management