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IRM Connected Health Solutions seeks to provide cost effective, efficient, and systematic health/medical solution to the developing countries. This concept consists of “m-Teresa”a mobile application to collecting & communicating medical data. Simultaneously “w-Teresa” a web-based service to view & process medical data and provide accurate telemedicine capability such has remote consultation, remote referral, and remote prescription.

IRM’s m-Health Solution is called “m-Teresa: Mobile Health Communicator”. m-Teresa is a highly connected medical health application that communicates medical information through a combination of medical document forms, audio files, medical images, multiple medical devices, and the capability of telemedicine. A user friendly application tool that is optimal for managing multiple levels public healthcare centers and local hospitals.

This web service is accessible on any workstation with internet connection and requires no installation of software, also includes professional grade DICOM viewer. The user may experience “Connected Health” through integration with m-Teresa by enhancing the communication of medical professionals with remote consultation, prescription and referral.

Web DICOM Viewer allows the user to experience advantageous usage of web-based DICOM viewer, requires no installation of third-party software and accessible from any workstations. With expedient speed and convenience, the user may process wide range of medical images. A well-defined service allowing radiology interpreters for displaying, retrieving, processing, editing, and marking with professional standards.

The Mobile Health Kit enables mobility for diverse types of medical outreach and health screenings. Mobile Health Kit consists of multiple portable medical devices, such as sphygmomanometer, ear thermometer, SPO2, ECG, stethoscope, fetal doppler, glucometer, spirometer, weighing scale, urine analyzer, ultrasound scanners, finger print scanner, and etc. hospitals.